Vanessa has a gift to elevate film scenes to magical spheres with her music. Such a pleasure to work with her”

-Maja Classen – Film director

Film  Music

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Film and Television

  • -FILM: Truth or Dare by Director Maja Classen ; Premiere Berlin 2024 
  • -FILM- Documentary: A Body like mine Official selection of DOC.BERLIN 2023, Directed by M. Classen WINNER BEST GERMAN DOCUMENTARY at DOC.Berlin 2023.


  • -FILM: GAIA-Ein Cyborg Oper by KainKollektiv *Top 10 best Performances of 2021 OFFICIAL SELECTION by NachtKritik .
  • -Short animation Film ( Shakespeares’s storm) for Post Paradise: by Sputnik Video artist at Bremen Theatre, Germany.
  • -Voices of (S)Care: Short film about the silence during the Pandemic. with Sarah Bigdeli Shamloo, Florian Laus and Michael Taylor; Funded by Fonds Darstellende Kunst.










-Return of the King’s Dautghers at TAK theatre Berlin from Ensemble KainKollektiv -Audioplay Premiere an 14.10.2023 ( a musical reflection on colonialism in Québec, Canada)

  • -Music Essay for Contemporary Dance performances:

  • BLack Eurydice: Projekt von kainkollektiv in Koproduktion mit dem tak Berlin und dem FFT Düsseldorf. (»Black Eurydice / Schwarze Eurydike / Eurydice Noire« untersucht das kainkollektiv, was mit der Gründung der europäischen Oper systematisch ausgeschlossen wurde: die Position der Frau(en) und die zugleich einsetzende Kolonialgeschichte. )
  • -Theatre: Aus Aktuell Anlass, live mix media performance by Kainkollektiv. for singers, cello, percussions and live electronics.
  • Global-eyes: Installation art performance with Kainkollektiv.