Original Compositions

Battalia a 10 for string orchestra 

Based on Heinrich Biber’s Battalia. Depicting the journey of a man at war. The composition has an aleatoric section and uses strong visual components; a choreography of movements from the musicians and the conductor.

Theatre Music

Return of the King’s Daughters

Audioplay at TAK theatre Berlin for Ensemble KainKollektiv -Premiere an 14.10.2023


Gaia-cyborg Opera 

Production of Kainkollektiv – Top 10 best Performances of 2021 chosen by NachtKritik

Improvisation for Dance performance



Truth or Dare

A Film by Maja Classen- Premiere Berlin 2024

A Body like Mine 

Documentary by Maja Classen  (some excepts)



music for Shakespeares Sturm, short animation film, part of Post-Paradise by Video artist  Sputnik, a collaboration with Theatre Bremen.


Voices of (S)Care

Short film about the silence during the Pandemic. with Sarah Bigdeli Shamloo, Florian Laus and Michael Taylor


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